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Pet Diagnostics, Surgery & Medicine in Hollis Center, Maine



For the very best in diagnostics, surgery and medicine, bring your pet to the veterinarians at Hollis Animal Clinic in Hollis Center, Maine. Find affordable veterinary services at our clinic today.

Diagnostic Services

Let us provide the in-house testing and diagnostics your pet needs. With our lab, pet owners can receive faster results and personalized care from the veterinarians you know and trust. We provide in-house blood tests, stool exams and X-rays.

Surgical Services

We utilize the safest anesthetic protocols, especially for our high risk patients. The animal's vital signs are carefully monitored during all anesthetic procedures. Our goal is to provide minimally invasive procedures when possible.

Because we want to make sure you and your animal are very comfortable, we keep you well informed of the procedure every step of the way. We always update you on all information, including your pet's status, surgery times, surgery length and animal pickup time.

If an animal needs to be admitted overnight, we have the space to accommodate it. We make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible because we understand how stressful procedures can be for pets. We frequently perform spays, neuters, and feline declawing.
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Hollis Animal Clinic maintains a large selection of prescriptions and is able to quickly access medication that is necessary for the care of your pet. Medications play an important role in helping cure a sick animal, relieve pain after an injury or surgery, and manage chronic conditions, such as arthritis and diabetes. We have different varieties and strengths of medicine for dogs and cats. We understand it is more convenient for you to have access to pharmaceutical needs and refills are easy too.
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